ATHLETIC SPECIALTIES White Line Aerosol Field Marking Paint-FIELD PAINT


White Line Aerosol Field Marking Paint, WHITE. This bright white field marking paint is designed to adhere to grass & turf. Specially formulated to produce bright, durable lines. The high solids content provides excellent coverage, creating brighter whites that really stand out. The extremely durable, water resistant formula will not wash away in the rain. Non-clogging design allows the paint to completely empty, minimizing waste. High output tips, provides a brighter, and whiter line. This white aerosol paint is completely safe for players and will not harm grass. Ensure that your field is in tip top shape for your next big game with this white athletic field marking paint today!

  • Case of 12 cans
  • Each can marks approximately 135 yards
  • Universal tip fits all line markers

Earn up to 55 Points.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in





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