Maverik Charger Lacrosse Shoulder Pads: 3002214


A staple among youth lacrosse is the Maverik Charger protective series, including the Maverik Charger Lacrosse Shoulder Pad, designed to protect and move with youth players.

Designed and sized specifically for youth players, the Charger Pad balances protection, mobility, and comfort by offering a lightweight but durable foam padding system that can withstand hard checks.

A floating sternum pad in the Charger helps protect some of the most vital parts of the upper body. Fitted with padding along the neck, a contoured shoulder and bicep panels, the Charger provides comfort for younger players trying out lacrosse.

Adjustable hook-and-loop closures on the chest assures a proper fit. Along with elastic Velcro straps, the Charger pad can be correctly fitted in no time, keeping the player comfortable and protected.

If you’re looking for your first set of pads that offer comfort and protection and don’t break the bank, the Maverik Charger Lacrosse Shoulder Pad is a perfect choice.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in





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