The ProTeam tackle ring gives the tackler a moving target. Taking the head out of tackling, thus promotiong “heads up” tackling. Teaches the
player to :shoot the arms”. Using these rings promotes shoulder tackling with head, eyes and chin up. Tackle rings build proper footwork, balance,
leverage and the placement of the head and arms. The variety of sizes makes it a great tool for all ages. ProTeam tackle rings come standard with
ball holder so your players can improve their ball stripping technique. Can be used to practice a variety of different tackes: front on, side on, pursuit
and diagonal tackles to simulate game conditions. Ring is built using foam & vinyl which provides a cushion when player hands lands on it. The
donut hole promotes a good arm clamp. The rings movement when rolled teaches a player to track the ball carrier and breakdown upon contact.
Promotes good habits and sound tackling techniques. Although it is pictured in Athletic Gold the ring can be ordered in Grey, Col. Blue, Forest
Kelly, Old Gold, White, Maroon, Scarlet, Purple, Navy, Tan, Orange, Royal, Cardinal and Black.

FBL9050 60″ Model (60″O.D. X 32″ I.D. X 12″ Thick)
FBL9051 54″ Model (54″O.D. X 26″ I.D. X 12″ Thick)
FBL9052 48″ Model (48″O.D. X 20″ I.D. X 10″ Thick)
FBL9053 40″ Model (40″O.D. X 20″ I.D. X 10″ Thick)
FBL9054 32″ Model (32″O.D. X 11″ I.D. X 10″ Thick)


Earn up to 486 Points.

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 32 × 12 in

FBL9050 60", FBL9051 54", FBL9052 48", FBL9053 40", FBL9054 32"


Grey, Col. Blue, Forest, Kelly, Old Gold, White, Maroon, Scarlet, Purple, Navy, Tan, Orange, Royal, Cardinal, Black


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