Under Armour Command 2 Lacrosse Head: COM2UHUM




The Under Armour Command 2 Lacrosse Head brings updated features to one of the most versatile heads to ever hit the field. Under Armour designed the Command 2 Lacrosse Head to deliver versatile performance for every position on the field. Featuring a true mid pocket sidewall design with full offset, the Command 2 brings advanced ball control and shot power to your game. Under Armour brought back the same rounded Glide + Scoop Technology that made the original so popular with the easiest ground balls in the game. The Command 2 Head utilizes an ultra stiff design for enhanced durability and consistency. All weather nylon material makes the Command 2 resistant to even the most extreme temperatures letting you play all year long.

– True mid pocket side wall design

– Full offset for enhanced power

– Glide + Scoop Technology offers easy ground balls from any angle

– Advanced all weather nylon material ensures performance in extreme temperatures

– Ultra stiff design for added durability and consistency

– Ultra-lightweight design at 4.9 oz


Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in



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